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Types of Market Research

Web Trends Research

  • Business to Business Industry Trends 

  • Specific Market Research for Products/Services

  • Current Geospatial E-Commerce Information and Current Activity



  • Statistical Analysis for:

  • Market Surveys

  • Client Surveys

  • Potential Product/Service Offerings



  • Surveys

  • Interviews

  • Focus Groups for Product.Service Reviews, Demos or Surveys for new Products/Servics

  • Pure Topucal Research

  • Industry Sales/Partnership Opportunities 



  • Valid/Current Research Reports

  • Guaranteed Research sample population

  • Surveys completed by personal interviews or specific industry conferences

  • Guaranteed Industry partner meeting opportunities/sales meetings

  • Complete Competitive analysis based on specific client needs

  • Utilize Global's own Geospatial Database over 5,000 commercial and government qualified contacts or our access to over 850 distributors worldwide 

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