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Project Quotes


Aerial, Space, Terrestrial Sensors and All Supporting Technologies – Ground, Launch, Analytics;

Market Sector Focus Global with specialties in  Global Food Security, Energy, Water =

User Domain Specialties -  Government, Military and Commercial

PRODUCT FEES (US Dollars - all Products negotiated with Client based on a highly customized Statement of Work and include 1 year of support from GMI team): 

Geospatial Customized Market Research - Proposal Only email
Geospatial Technology Strategic Planning $250,000

Geospatial Go-To-Market Planning $250,000

Geospatial Sales Plan based on Market Sectors, Geography, and Technology Sector, etc. $250,000

Senior Associate Support provided exclusively to one sector client per year and  negotiated to a highly customized Statement of Work

Daily Service Fees: $5,000
(Inclusive: Speaking/Training Engagements, Meetings, Presentations, Sales and Marketing Material Development)

Multiple-Day Service: $10,000
Contract Fee (Minimum 3 Day Contract per month for a period of 3 months)

Sales and Marketing Support: $5,000
Training Daily Fee Current Course Material

Customized Geospatial Training Course Material: $5,000
Multiple Day Service Fee Discounts available upon training needs

WEBEX Monthly Retainer Fees: $5,000
Associates available for consultation by telephone and fax to assist client with any of their sales and questions and/or to review their current material (excludes travel and formal presentation and report development). Minimum 3 Month Services Contract

  8 hours per month $1,250

16 hours per month $2,500

32 hours per month $5,000 


Specialized Speaking Engagements: $5,000
Daily Service Fee (Conferences, Seminars)

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