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Research Alliance Network

AAG (American Association of Geographers)

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is a scientific and educational society founded in 1904. Its 9,000+ members share interests in the theory, methods, and practice of geography and geographic education. The AAG holds annual meetings and regional events and publishes a newsletter, journals, and books. The association supports and recognizes its members through its grants and awards

American Surveryor, GIS & Map User

The American Surveyor is published 8 times a year: January/February, March/April, May, June, July/August, September/October, November, and December by Cheves Media LLC. As a magazine created by surveyors for surveyors, our aim is to deliver to your doorstep a one-of-a-kind publication that will inform, educate, entertain, and inspire you. More than twenty nationally known and respected licensed surveyors have come together to provide content and help us launch this publication. Drawing from forty years of experience in all aspects of land surveying—from field to management, and technical support to journalism.

GISuser (Geospatial Information System User) is the most comprehensive, current, and information-rich resource for the GIS, mapping, geopositioning, and geospatial technology user.

Asian Survey and Mapping/Spatial Business News – Position Magazine

Position Magazine is Australasia's magazine for the surveying, mapping and geoinformation industries.
Asia Surveying and Mapping Online Newsletter, Spatial Business News. Published exclusively in Australia and the Pacific Rim.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defense and aerospace systems in the air, on land, at sea and in space. The company designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, fighting vehicles, radar, avionics, communications, electronics and guided weapon systems. It is a pioneer in technology with a heritage stretching back hundreds of years. It is at the forefront of innovation, working to develop the next generation of intelligent defense systems.

Corbley Communications Inc.

For more than a decade, geospatial organizations around the world have turned to Corbley Communications Inc. (CCI) to promote their products and services domestically and internationally. With unrivaled experience in the geotechnologies, CCI is the only marketing communications firm that provides Public Relations and Marketing Support exclusively to the international geospatial community. Since 1993, CCI has developed integrated marketing communications campaigns for companies, government agencies, and academic institutions in every segment of the GIS, remote sensing, digital mapping and location-based services industries.
Corbley Communications, Inc.

Council of Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR)

CSIR aims to provide industrial competitiveness, social welfare, strong S&T base for strategic sectors and advancement of fundamental knowledge and is recognised as one of the worlds largest publicly funded R&D organisations having linkages to academia, R&D organisations and industry. CSIR's 38 laboratories not only knit India into a giant network that impacts and add quality to the life of each and every Indian but CSIR is also party to the prestigious Global Research Alliance with the objective of applying global knowledge pool for global good through global funding. CSIR's R&D portfolio embraces areas as diverse as Aerospace, Biotechnology, as well as Chemicals.

Directions Magazine

Directions magazine is an internet-centered publication delivering news, analysis, commentary and product information to people who need timely, insightful and accurate information about geo-demographic trends and the tools to analyze them. We are your source for demographic and mapping news. We will be the observer whose opinion matters in the areas of mapping technology and demographic trends and analysis.

Earth Imaging Journal

In January 2004, Earthwide Communications launched Earth Imaging Journal, a bimonthly publication devoted to "Exploring the World of Remote Sensing." Now the magazine is on course to become the world's No. 1 source for news and information about remote sensing and related geospatial products and services Earth Imaging Journal is published by a professional staff with more than 40 combined years of experience covering the geospatial market and sponsored by a cooperative consortium of industry leaders. The magazine is complemented by the Earth Imaging Journal Web site, which delivers a variety of online resources.


Since 1989, Eurimage has provided global satellite digital and photographic data, both directly to end customers and through a network of more than 150 expert Application Providers world-wide. Products include visible and infrared optical data and radar, offering a variety of mission and sensor types to meet the widest range of user needs.

Institutional clients include the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the European Union Satellite Centre and other UN and international organizations.

Geo Community International

The GeoCommunity™ is THE place for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD, Mapping, and Location-Based industry professionals, enthusiasts, and students to gather. The GeoCommunity is by far THE leading GIS online portal and daily publication reaching 37,000+ subscribers to our Daily SpatialNews NewsWire.

GeoConnexion International Magazine

Geoconnexion is the leading business-to-business magazine for all with an interest in Geographical Information. It is presented in easy-to-read format that appeals to novice and specialists alike. Geoconnexion is not an academic journal. Its coverage of business, political, product-related and community developments is geared to both technical and non-technical readers. Geoconnexion is vendor-independent and welcomes news and views from all quarters.

GEOInformatics Magazine

GeoInformatics Magazine provides coverage, analysis and commentary with respect to the international surveying, mapping and GIS industry. Recognizing the integrated nature of the geospatial information industry, GeoInformatics presents thought provoking and useful information. GeoInformatics Magazine is published eight times a year.


GeoSearch, Inc is a recruiting firm specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Civil Engineering and related sciences. We recruit technical, management, sales, and marketing professionals. GeoSearch began operations in October, 1989. We primarily serve developers, vendors of services, and users of mapping technologies. The company was incorporated in January, 1991 as GeoSearch, Inc and has been serving as a specialized Geosciences Recruitment firm ever since. With our candidate database topping the industry, we are able to work efficiently worldwide. Approximately 90% of our activity is in the domestic United States.


Seasoned remote sensing executives founded GeoVantage in 1998 to apply today's advanced technology to a revolutionary airborne imaging approach. GeoVantage's approach provides on-demand land asset information more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. State-of-the-art sensors composed of integrated GPS, inertial measurement units and 4-band digital cameras, enable rapid response and worldwide geographic coverage – we measure turn-around times in days, not months.

Dozens of major corporations, government agencies and municipalities, including J.D. Irving, Domtar, John Deere, NOAA and Ocean Spray, already choose GeoVantage to provide imagery for their diverse forestry, environmental management, agriculture, and urban planning applications. GeoVantage has completed projects in the U.S., Canada, Bahamas, South Africa, the UK and France.

GeoWorld Magazine

GeoWorld is the authoritative "must-read" for spatial industry executives looking to keep their competitive edge in the marketplace. Each month the magazine reaches more than 25,000 subscribers – giving them in-depth features, news and commentary.


The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) is a nonprofit educational association serving the global geospatial community.
GITA has a rich heritage—it is unparalleled in promoting geospatial information technology and the markets it serves. Every day, our staff, members, Board of Directors, and many volunteers emphasize our commitment to maintain GITA's focus on the present as we embrace our vision of the future.

GSDI Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure - Africa (SDI-Africa) is a free electronic newsletter for people interested in GIS, remote sensing, and data management issues in Africa. It aims to raise awareness and provide useful information to strengthen national SDI initiatives and support synchronization of regional activities. The Executive Working Group of CODI-Geo and EIS-AFRICA are regional fora that are promoting SDI development.

HighQuest Partners

HighQuest Partners is a management consulting firm that helps senior executives at prominent global corporations with decision making through strategy development, M&A support & diligence, research, and corporate governance. Since 2000, we have completed over 170 assignments for leading companies and their subsidiaries in three industry sectors including food, agribusiness and biofuels, industrial conglomerates, and financial services.

ICTAF at Tel-Aviv University

Founded in 1971, ICTAF is a leading institute in Technology Forecasting, Foresight, Assessment and Long-Term Planning, and is very active in the international community. The multidisciplinary center taps the expertise of world-class scientists at Tel Aviv University and other well-known research establishments to create a core body of researchers with unrivaled knowledge in a diverse range of fields in exact sciences and engineering, geography, economics, education and social sciences, information technology and communications.

ICTAF functions as a think-tank, working alongside its governmental or business clients to produce far-reaching conclusions that are drawn from a unique blend of academic research and market know-how.
ICTAF has been involved in Israel's space program since the foundation of the Israel Space Agency in 1982. It served for many years as a focal point for information, technology surveys and international activities. One special direction of ICTAF's activities has been the promotion of remote sensing, from all its aspects, in Israel. During over 20 years ICTAF has gained unique experience in space related Remote Sensing (RS) technologies and has been instrumental in many developments in Israel's space program.

Intelligence Data Systems

Intelligence Data Systems is a high-performance, innovative company delivering superior results for our clients. Our 100% employee-owner culture attracts highly-qualified personnel who want to work on our nation's most challenging intelligence problems.
Our ability to combine and deliver the proper mix of professional IDS staff, partner products, and partner services to deliver functional, operational, mission critical systems and solutions that are robust, on time, within budget, scalable, and embraced by the users. With a significant emphasis on providing solutions to the Intelligence Community, Department Of Defense, and related Civilian Agencies we pride ourselves in the fact that we are making a positive contribution to the defense and national security of our nation and coalition partners.

Intergraph - Z/I Imaging

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions provides products and services; open technology and data integration; partners and people to help customers implement successful geospatial information-based solutions, which can be deployed on the desktop, the Web, or with mobile technology. Customers across the globe include local, regional, and national government entities; transportation and mapping agencies; utilities and communications companies; photogrammetry organizations; the military; educational institutions; and more.

KAI Image, Inc.

MDA Geospatial Services

MDA Geospatial Services (formerly RADARSAT International) is a leader in the provision of Earth observation data, information products and services from the majority of commercially available radar and optical satellites. Our products and services are used globally for resource mapping, environmental monitoring, offshore oil and gas exploration, ice reconnaissance, maritime surveillance and disaster management.

National Space Organization of Taiwan (NSPO)

National Space Organization (NSPO) was originated in October 1991 as National Space Program Office for carrying out the first stage plan of a 15-year "Space Technology Long Term Developmental Program" approved by the Executive Yuen. It acts as an execution organization for Taiwan's space program and integration capability for large high-tech system. The purpose is to develop Taiwan's space technology development infrastructure as well as competitive resources that would benefit Taiwan's space application industries for future international space market.


ORBIMAGE is a leading global provider of geospatial imagery products and services, with a constellation of digital remote sensing satellites complemented by data from other optical, aerial and radar sources.

ORBIMAGE currently operates the OrbView-3 high-resolution imaging satellite that was successfully launched on June 26, 2003, and the OrbView-2 ocean and land imaging satellite launched in 1997.

PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics is a world leading developer of Geomatics software (geographic modeling, measurement, analysis, and output) and solutions based on its remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, and cartographic editing programs. The company is a privately held Canadian Corporation headquartered in the Toronto area with another large facility in the National Capital Region. Its software products and solutions are distributed through a direct sales force, international resellers, and third party developers.

Spatial Resources, LLC

Spatial Resources, LLC is a spatial advisory practice providing information and assistance to organizations in fields that have need for the efficient and effective application of spatial information.

Spectrum Mapping

Spectrum Mapping, LLC has brought together the top professional staff in the industry to offer a full spectrum of innovative and cost-effective aerial mapping solutions. While the name is new in the industry, the companies that now make up Spectrum Mapping bring over 25 years of successful and proven mapping, remote sensing, and software development experience to provide our clients with unsurpassed service and products.



The URISA Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published both in print and online by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, a non-profit international association for information technology professionals. The Journal is published quarterly and adheres to access and copyright policies designed to further the advancement of knowledge and science.

Vector1 Magazine

The Mission of is to promote spatial design for a sustainable tomorrow. To enhance and support knowledge and interaction for the improvement of economically sustainable living through the positive use and application of spatial tools and science. V1's focus is upon the geography and infrastructure serving all individuals in society, including public, professionals and stakeholders. This encourages Vector1 to communicate effectively and to develop media strategies that interest, enhance and create opportunities while working toward its goals.


Since 1911, Woolpert has provided Geographic Information Services (GIS) and Information Technology (IT) services to utilities, local governments and institutions throughout the U.S. and around the world. Our vision of GIS/IT goes far beyond automated mapping – rather, we want to make information systems part of the way our clients do business.

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